Bitumen is mostly utilized in the construction industry. Bitumen is applied on road paving because it is viscous when hot, but solid once it cools down. Therefore Bitumen operates as the binder/glue for pieces of the aggregate.

About Our Bitumen Plant in Iraq “MAZI BITUMEN™”

We are producing different grades of Bitumen such as 50-70 | 60-70 …etc, our plant located in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan in the north of Iraq close to Turkish and Iranian Border allowing us to reach both countries seaports like Mersin in Turkey and Basrah in South Iraq.

Our Bitumen Refinery with the Name of  “Mazi Bitumen™ Plant” is able to produce customized Penetration Bitumen Grades to fulfill client’s needs.

The vast majority of refined bitumen is used in construction: primarily as a constituent of products used in paving and roofing applications. According to the requirements of the end use bitumen is produced to specification. This is achieved either by refining process or blending.

It is estimated that the current world use of bitumen is approximately 102 million tonnes per year. Approximately 85% of all the bitumen produced is used as the binder in asphalt for roads.

Bitumen is applied in construction and maintenance as:

  • Highways,
  • Airport runways,
  • Footways / Pedestrian Ways,
  • Car parks, Race tracks,
  • Tennis courts, Roofing,
  • Damp proofing,
  • Dams Reservoir and pool linings,
  • Sound proofing,
  • Pipe coatings,
  • Cable Coatings,
  • Paints, Building Water Proofing,
  • Tile underlying water proofing,
  • Newspaper Ink Production,
  • and many other applications

The ultimate paving material (also referred to hot mix asphalt concrete – HMAC or HMA) consists of about 93 – 97% mineral aggregate (stone), sand and filler.