Our Services

Petroleum Trading

Verse Company believes to long term supply arrangements with customers and ensuring industrial customers have a steady supply of products. They need to continue with the smooth day-to-day running of their operations. One of our great example of supplying Bitumen (asphalt in iraq) by our Bitumen Refinery Located in Erbil.

Petroleum Shipping

We at Verse coordinate to serve comfort transportation while Logistics and distribution in region are at the core of the business. Shipping raw materials to where they can be refined or processed and then used or transported to areas where there is a deficit. We Are in partnership with best freight forwarder and logistic company to transport goods in CFR, CIF, to our clients. we deliver to our clients destination via Mersin Port, Bandar Abbas Port and Umm Al Qasr Port.

Energy Consultancy

Marketing is the distribution of finished products to wholesale partners or directly to end-users.  Verse involves the careful transportation and storing of products in kurdistan region and also facilitating in other gulf countries. Filtered and blended to ensure they meet the relevant local requirements and standards.

Why us?

We’re more flexible

we’re more agile than the major oil companies. So we’re able to be more responsive and less bureaucratic.We even have our own access for deliveries.

We’re long-term players

We have been – and will be – around for a long time. So we know the Middle East Oil industry, and we know it well.

We’re focused on wholesale

Verse is not competing with you for sales, we’re trying to help you reach the same goal. to  supply fuel at competitive prices to customers.

Customers & Partners