Verse Oil Service core Values & Our Beliefs in Company

Verse Oil Service Co have begun with a focus on oil trading. Verse activities now encompass all key energy products and a wide range of dry bulk commodities. We have also grown the physical elements of our business. And operate a significant portfolio of assets, including consulting, logistics and storage interests.

We got the tools

We keep growing alongside global oil companies in our located region. And because we aew engaged by providing different services for these oil companies. That allowed us to obtain lots of experiences.

Core of Business

The core business of Verse has been developed by establishing long-term relationships with producers and allocation holders. Ensuring secure and continual supplies.

Competitive Pricing

We Believe Bring Quality in most cost effective way it will drive client satisfaction. And this is our goal for starting any business journey.

Our history

Founded in 2008 in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Verse Oil Service aim is to be a regional energy and commodities trading company.    Maziar Rajabi, Co-Founder  of Verse Oil Service

Our Aim

From the beginning, our management team aimed at becoming a regional energy and commodities company. Our culture is grounded in service, quality, and efficiency. Thanks to a rigorous approach to risk management and compliance, Verse Oil Service is so ambitious to serve best service to the client. And keep the balance in all aspects by considering the long-term vision of doing business.

Verse Oil Service company was founded in 2008. For Oil Service and Registered in Ministry of Natural Resource of Kurdistan Region of Iraq., Ltd. We deal with the transport and trade of all Petroleum products. With the approval of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. And the General Directorate for the registration of companies and the Directorate of recording interior companies. We have been authorized to move all allowed goods, whether it is the import or export to and from all countries especially petroleum products.

Issue Redressal Team

The insurance of all transportation are up to us, and in the unlikely event of an incident, we have our own professional team. This team is ready to face any issues regarding the transportation. And the team is ready to communicate with the concerned authorities to control the issue and solve it as soon as possible. Since 2008 and until now our business has thrived successfully and we have done our job professionally.

Our Progress

Since 2008 we have thrived and progressed in the field of transportation and general trading, especially in oil trading. Our company fulfills the rules made in the contract at all times, gaining the trust and honesty from others, especially inside Iraq and the Middle East. Our transportation system is not only by land, but we can also transport goods by sea and air based on our good engagement with several outsource companies,

Since the opening of our company, in 2008, our company has focused on getting the best results out of our work. Rather than focusing on gaining income.

Our Partner

We are involve and partner with Several companies regarding to trading and transportation in international Market. Such as  Green Point Consulting Ltd. as well as Tigris FZ LLE and many more